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Well there must be a better way to share pictures creatively. I just deleted the blurry video that I posted yesterday because its blurriness annoyed me. I'll investigate other options. Everything has annoyed me today. Instead of an easy button I want a delete button. It would say, in a cheery voice of course, GOOD BYE, and then there would be a poof, and I would nod approvingly.

So, on a brighter note, read Not Quiet What I Was Planning this week and am sharing the activity at a workshop I'm teaching next week. Thanks for the heads up Ford and Aly. It's fun stuff. I invited my coworkers to share their six word memoirs and have posted them on the blog I'll use with the class. Come visit and leave your story too.

being born is exhausting

Isn't she beautiful? Home today doing tax stuff. yuk. Stella is a lot more fun. Mom is here with us too. It's a challenge. God bless my brother for his fortitude.

Reflections on teaching

After graduating I was hired to teach second grade. I was so excited that I went in a week early and set up my classroom. I cleaned every inch of the room, organized everything just so, put up meaningful bulletin boards, created lesson plans and first day activities. I was eager to begin on this new career. I quickly bonded with my seventeen students and we were off and running, no problems. On the third day my administrator stopped in to tell me that the enrollment numbers were off and he needed to move me to a kindergarten classroom. I was mortified. My new room was a filthy hole, full of abused manipulatives and nasty furniture. The other kindergarten teachers were allowed to select students to be moved out of their overcrowded classes to form my class. Guess which ones they picked.

I learned some important lessons that year. I used a reward system in my classroom to coerce the little ones into cooperating. At the end of the week if a student still had most of their stars they got …
Stella Rocks

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Stella meets Livi

Stella meets Livi

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Stella is two days old


From my i-phone

Stella is one day old


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Stella was born yesterday, February 14th, at 7:39. She weighed 8 lbs 9 oz and was 20 and 3/4 inches long. She has black hair that looks like it may be curly. Katie and Barrett are doing fine. Stella's paparazzi are probably driving her nuts. I don't think she knows that she is related to all of them yet.

Blessed with Stella


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goin' a bit insane

Waiting is the worse.

time on my hands

For my media specialist friends

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Happy Anniversary to us

31 years! Gadzooks! Sounds like a long time but seems like only yesterday that I noticed a really cute guy in my physical science class. I love you CC.

A word about the game

This will probably come as a surprise to some of you. I watched the super bowl last Sunday. I have never watched a football game in my life. Even when my brother played in high school. I don't like the sport. Too many broken necks, arms, legs, etc for my taste. I call it the gladiator sport. Carl hates it when I walk by a game that is on because I always issue a concerned warning that someone is going to get hurt. I sat down by Carl to just be with him for a few on Sunday and I couldn't help but notice that these boys were serious. I got hooked. I still issued lots of concerned comments - like get off of him, oh oh did you see that. He just jumped up and down on his back after he was already on the ground. Isn't that illegal. Where are the umpires? Carl loves it when I watch football with him now. I think we'll have some new together time next season.

Well crap. I just burned my supper. I was cooking brussel sprouts. Smells yummy. Got to run.

be funky


Super Bowl Whatever Sunday

Cara has left for Tallahassee and it is empty feeling up in this house again. Yesterday we had Livi for the afternoon and Cara home too so it was much more like normal. I know I will feel better if I get busy so I think I'll wash the car, the dog, the floors, etc. Before I do though I'll share a Livi story. Livi is transitioning from her crib to a big girl bed at home so when nap time rolled around yesterday I was uncertain about what to do. I didn't want to risk her falling out of the crib but I knew she wasn't going to slow down enough to go to sleep without some type of boundaries so I decided I would rock her until she fell asleep. A terrible job but somebody had to do it. I put her in a bear hug and rocked and sang until she stopped squirming and then we had some sweet cuddle time but she still wouldn't give it up. She was singing and talking and being absolutely precious when all of a sudden she said night night and her head clunked down on my chest. She went…

guaranteed gastric distress

Carl and I ate at Angel's, Florida's oldest dinning car, tonight. We were feeling brave. Their onion rings and milkshakes are famous in these parts.