Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Whatever Sunday

Cara has left for Tallahassee and it is empty feeling up in this house again. Yesterday we had Livi for the afternoon and Cara home too so it was much more like normal. I know I will feel better if I get busy so I think I'll wash the car, the dog, the floors, etc. Before I do though I'll share a Livi story. Livi is transitioning from her crib to a big girl bed at home so when nap time rolled around yesterday I was uncertain about what to do. I didn't want to risk her falling out of the crib but I knew she wasn't going to slow down enough to go to sleep without some type of boundaries so I decided I would rock her until she fell asleep. A terrible job but somebody had to do it. I put her in a bear hug and rocked and sang until she stopped squirming and then we had some sweet cuddle time but she still wouldn't give it up. She was singing and talking and being absolutely precious when all of a sudden she said night night and her head clunked down on my chest. She went from sixty to zero in less than a second. She is such a neat kid.

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