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The Phone Girl

Weekend with Livi

Livi is so much fun. Exhausting but fun! We've had a big weekend. One of our outings was a trip to a pasture to see a horse. I wanted her to see a horse so we could compare it to a cow because every time she sees a horse in a book she says moo. The horse was most cooperative. She trotted right up to the fence so we could pet her. Livi's eyes were huge as she touched the horse's nose and said moo. I explained that a horse says hehehe and nickered for good measure. She looked at me and said moo. So moo it is. Who could argue with anyone that cute?

march 28, 2008
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I learned earlier this week that we didn't get the big fat grant that I helped write and with the doom and gloom budget forecast it will be really hard to implement an exciting professional development program. No money for subs, no money for stipends for after hours training, no money for equipment or software. Geez.

Thanks Ford and Aly for the nice compliments and comments on my earlier post on teaching. Here's a movie that should make you laugh rather than cry. It was created at an Apple Institute.

A Walk in the Park


Happy Easter

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Spreading Cuteness

Stella is featured on another blog.

Happy Birthday Kilee

Kilee's party
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Stella will be a month old tomorrow

Cara sent me this picture of Stella from her iphone. Originally I thought she was mad but then I realized she is just checking out the iphone. She wants one already.

This from Smithmag on Twitter- Six words for Eliot Spitzer: "She wasn’t worth the hourly rate."

Made me laugh... although it's not nice to laugh about other's bad choices but wasn't he one of the moral majority. Oops,perhaps not.

Millie and Cara

St. Augustine with Millie!

Millie and Cara went to St.Augustine today and shared these pictures. Millie hails from the panhandle and lives in the same dorm as Cara. We're enjoying her visit too. You are always welcome to visit Millie. Hope you will come again soon!

Weekend with Livi


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