I learned earlier this week that we didn't get the big fat grant that I helped write and with the doom and gloom budget forecast it will be really hard to implement an exciting professional development program. No money for subs, no money for stipends for after hours training, no money for equipment or software. Geez.

Thanks Ford and Aly for the nice compliments and comments on my earlier post on teaching. Here's a movie that should make you laugh rather than cry. It was created at an Apple Institute.


Hi Marsha,
I got to see Cheryl Woolwine on Thursday night and she told me of some of the issues that were going on. So sorry you didn't get the grant! You deserve it! I know you would have really maximized the funds and the teachers would have grown.

Wish I could offer some free training again with prizes as their thanks for coming.

The good ol' days!

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