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Because every girl needs bunny slippers

photo by Katie

Hope you feel better soon Leaa


Livi is two

Happy Birthday one day late Livi. Numbers aren't really important to you right now so you don't mind if we are late, or early. I like the way that you count personally. Two, Nine, Two, Nine is a very unique sequence. Most babies go for One Two as their first sequence but you are advanced. Always have been. We love you! Needless to say.


Just saw that my six word story is on Smith Mag's site. I'm published at last. All six words. It's a Six-Word Momoir. Sorry it's not very flattering kids. You know I love you.

Yeah Johnny Lee

The fellows in my office had one of these up and running in about fifteen minutes today. Blogger didn't let me embed the video for some reason but TED is a fun place to visit anyway.


Cara's coming home.

nice day

Today our department was honored at a luncheon. Our Media Specialists do this each year and it is always a nice gathering. The food is prepared and served by the culinary arts students at one of our high schools. I am always impressed with their efforts. There's a talented teacher / chef running this program. I keep thinking he will bail out of education to open a restaurant one day but evidently he enjoys teaching. We're glad he does! Thanks Media Specialist friends.

The rest of my day was spent working on web pages, troubleshooting a few things and talking with sales people. There's so much to be done for our grant that my head is spinning. But it's full of happy thoughts as it spins. My goal is to still be able to say that in a year. This is the largest project that I have undertaken and I want to do it right.

Right On Stella


While I was in Birmingham last week my family called me militant. Hmmm. Looks like someone may take after her Mimi.

Perhaps I am militant. It upsets me to the point of shouting when I think of the sacrifices that our young soldiers are making in a war that we can not win and the problems are made worse daily under our current leadership (I use that word, leadership, loosely here). What if that was Jesse or Barrett or Justin being asked to serve. Would you be militant then, family? Here's a blog I've been reading from an English teacher who is stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I pray he will stay safe.

Summer Work Plans

I have been thinking about my summer plans for work and since funding for professional development wasn't available, I had resigned myself to sprucing up the district's web site, developing some on line content and trying not to snore and drool on my keyboard for ten hours a day. I was invited to teach at several summer institutes and was able to get TDE approved for two weeks but other than that and our family vacation I haven't really been looking forward to this summer. All that changed today. I received confirmation that we did receive funding for the competitive grant. Additional grants were funded and we were included. I have a huge project to implement and I am so excited that I can hardly stand it. I have no doubt that it will not be easy but WAHOO we're going to infuse some new ideas and tools in Putnam.

Stella Faces

Stella Faces April_08

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Stella's Beauty Regime

I just couldn't decide which ones to share so I shared them all.

Stella Jane

April 08 Stella

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b boards

This year we were asked to keep up two bulletin boards in the admin building. Since I am the one in my department with "Instructional" linked to my job description I usually get the honors. I hate doing bulletin boards. In the classroom it was fine because I always needed to display wonderful works of art but in an IT department I've been challenged. I grumble about it a lot but today I put up two that were kind of fun. I loved finding the old photographs of our town and of the St.Johns and Ocklawaha Rivers. Our schools are on spring break and it is slow in the office so I had time to work on it and enjoy myself as opposed to being rushed and thinking these people were crazy to be paying me to do bulletin boards. I always feel so put out over this chore but today it was my entertainment.It's nice when that happens. The photos on the 3-D board are from FCIT.

Why I shouldn't lose weight

I've become attached to my cellulite.
I don't want to buy new clothes.
I am harder to kidnap.
Little children think I am comfortable.
My good friend chocolate doesn't like to be shunned.
Heavy people get better service in restaurants. It's all about profit.
People are not as intimidated by me when I am flawed.
There's more of me to love

Life is good

I think she knows Mimi and Pops are coming for a visit soon. I smile every time I look at this picture. Thanks for sending it Katie.