Thursday, April 10, 2008

b boards

This year we were asked to keep up two bulletin boards in the admin building. Since I am the one in my department with "Instructional" linked to my job description I usually get the honors. I hate doing bulletin boards. In the classroom it was fine because I always needed to display wonderful works of art but in an IT department I've been challenged. I grumble about it a lot but today I put up two that were kind of fun. I loved finding the old photographs of our town and of the St.Johns and Ocklawaha Rivers. Our schools are on spring break and it is slow in the office so I had time to work on it and enjoy myself as opposed to being rushed and thinking these people were crazy to be paying me to do bulletin boards. I always feel so put out over this chore but today it was my entertainment.It's nice when that happens. The photos on the 3-D board are from FCIT.

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