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Further proof that big sunglasses are in this summer

photo by Cara

pretty in pink

Lifted this one from Katie's picasa account. Do we have gorgeous grandchildren or what?! I use to think my Mom was so obnoxious bragging about her children and grandchildren and now I am worse than she ever thought of being because I can go digital. hehe.

beach baby

I think Nancy Webb took this shot. I love it so I stole it from Leaa's picasa account. Isn't she beaufiful? Thanks Nancy

Waiting for Livi

We're babysitting tonight. This is a good thing because I am past due for some Livi time. Jesse and Leaa are playing at the Mellow Mushroom, in Fleming Island I think. Go hear them if you can. I haven't accomplished much today. Carl worked on the floor in the room at the top of the stairs. We really need to name that room something. The unfinished room at the top of the stairs is a little lengthy. Maybe we'll call it the partially finished room at the top of the stairs after tomorrow. Carl, who is a pretty smart cookie when it comes to measuring things for construction, thought that he had made a mistake calculating the flooring needed to finish this room. We've had the flooring in storage for over a year so when I called Home Depot to see if we could get more the answer was, of course, no. I searched on line to no avail, called Home Depot back and asked if they could custom order it and the man that I spoke with said he would investigate but he didn't make me feel…

What a party!

Aly's Birthday
click on the album cover to see the rest of the pictures

Aly's birthday celebration was wonderful. Happy Birthday Aly! We met at the marina in St.Augustine and went for a sunset cruise. Next, horse drawn carriages took us on a historic tour and deposited us at the Tasting Room. Good food, excellent music, fun people, both family and friends - It was a wonderful evening. Thanks for including us in this fantastic celebration. My camera battery died before the Tasting Room so I'm relying on some other folks to share pictures. It was an evening that was memorable for all the right reasons.

New pics for your background


home again

It's good to be home! I made two trips to Tallahassee this week and then went to Tampa for an MDE meeting this weekend. It's always good to get together with my MDE friends. It's a positive supportive group and the Florida Digital Educator initiative is exciting. It feels sort of like a renaissance or awakening. We've been beating teachers up with standardized testing for years, and now finally I've found a group of motivated people intent on encouraging creativity. I am glad to be a part of that.

Hellooo World



This is Max. He drives the district's delivery truck. His person, Steve, rides with him on their route. Max learned quickly that everybody in our office is a pushover and he knows where we keep his dog bones. He's got style and he knows it.

For Millie

Cara's roomie Millie asked me for a recipe. I feel honored. And slightly surprised.

Greek Omelet Quiche Pie thing that I made one time by mistake that Millie liked

You will need:
a large fresh diced tomato
oregano, salt, and pepper
About a cup of crumbled feta cheese
5 or 6 large eggs
1 small package of chopped frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry or fresh spinach if you have it
black olives if you like them
A pie crust

Mix it all up, throw it in the pie shell, and try not to burn it. Stay off your computer. I cook it for about 40 minutes on 375 or until it is solid in the middle. Hopefully not black though.

Thanks Mille! You are a good friend.


Thank you Google. I received a reply from a real person, sigh. I am feeling warm and fuzzy. And now I don't have to move or organize a militant group of Post Office Box Holders. Seriously, PO Boxes present all sorts of problems. Ours is always full of junk mail. And why is the junk mail always delivered but my bank statement returned?

I think that the ads will probably have to go though. I am not sure that I like them on my real estate, but I've learned more about the process. I would like to retire next year and blog so even though I can't say it, yes I even skimmed the license agreements, you know what you need to do. It starts with a c and ends with a k, builds muscles in your wrist, can be called a command, rhymes with lick, is named for a sound. Need I say more?

Happy Muthers Day

I am one lucky muther to have been blessed with three beautiful babies that have turned into three wonderful adults. And now our blessings continue to grow with their families. As Mom would say, I don't forget to say thanks where it counts. Happy Mother's Day to Mom and to all you Mothers.


I was gonna put google ads on my site, just for giggles really, but my application was denied. Harump. I will not go quietly. I mailed them this scathing threat. We'll just see what happens.

"I was denied an account because I have to use a P.O.Box for mail delivery. I live within a few yards of a Post Office so they will not deliver mail to my home. I also listed my 911 street address but my mail must be addressed to a P.O. Box. I think you are guilty of PO Box holder discrimination. Lots of companies are and I understand why but should I be denied an account because the U.S.Postal Service will not deliver mail to my home. I realize this is a minor issue to you but it is becoming a growing annoyance to me. I may have to move or form an activist's group called POed Box Holders United. Please reconsider my request."

rate this

ah ha - found my answer:
(Blogger Status) Some users may be seeing star ratings on their posts without having opted in to this new feature. This is an experimental feature that was accidentally enabled on some users’ blogs. We’re currently working to remove star ratings on all affected blogs. In the future, you’ll be able to choose to opt-in to this feature; it won’t appear automatically.

Update: The Star Rating feature has been disabled for the moment.
from the Blog Herald

Thank you Google. You made me realize that I need to back up my three years worth of mundane minutia because after all it is MY mundane minutia that you graciously host for free.


eek, my blog has been compromised. Where did this rating system come from? I am not having much luck researching it. I haven't changed any settings. I'm looking at other google blogs and not seeing the same problem. If this is bad ware I am mad. How annoying.

have your people call my people