Thank you Google. I received a reply from a real person, sigh. I am feeling warm and fuzzy. And now I don't have to move or organize a militant group of Post Office Box Holders. Seriously, PO Boxes present all sorts of problems. Ours is always full of junk mail. And why is the junk mail always delivered but my bank statement returned?

I think that the ads will probably have to go though. I am not sure that I like them on my real estate, but I've learned more about the process. I would like to retire next year and blog so even though I can't say it, yes I even skimmed the license agreements, you know what you need to do. It starts with a c and ends with a k, builds muscles in your wrist, can be called a command, rhymes with lick, is named for a sound. Need I say more?


Sandra B. said…
If it makes you feel better, I was so interested in your pictures and information that I did not even see the ads on the side. After reading about them I had to go back up to the top of your blog and look for them. So . . . (don't tell the Google people):-)

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