I was gonna put google ads on my site, just for giggles really, but my application was denied. Harump. I will not go quietly. I mailed them this scathing threat. We'll just see what happens.

"I was denied an account because I have to use a P.O.Box for mail delivery. I live within a few yards of a Post Office so they will not deliver mail to my home. I also listed my 911 street address but my mail must be addressed to a P.O. Box. I think you are guilty of PO Box holder discrimination. Lots of companies are and I understand why but should I be denied an account because the U.S.Postal Service will not deliver mail to my home. I realize this is a minor issue to you but it is becoming a growing annoyance to me. I may have to move or form an activist's group called POed Box Holders United. Please reconsider my request."


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