Sunday, May 25, 2008

Waiting for Livi

We're babysitting tonight. This is a good thing because I am past due for some Livi time. Jesse and Leaa are playing at the Mellow Mushroom, in Fleming Island I think. Go hear them if you can. I haven't accomplished much today. Carl worked on the floor in the room at the top of the stairs. We really need to name that room something. The unfinished room at the top of the stairs is a little lengthy. Maybe we'll call it the partially finished room at the top of the stairs after tomorrow. Carl, who is a pretty smart cookie when it comes to measuring things for construction, thought that he had made a mistake calculating the flooring needed to finish this room. We've had the flooring in storage for over a year so when I called Home Depot to see if we could get more the answer was, of course, no. I searched on line to no avail, called Home Depot back and asked if they could custom order it and the man that I spoke with said he would investigate but he didn't make me feel very hopeful and I thought to myself, right, I'll never hear from him again. That's why I was surprised when he called a few minutes ago and said he had located one box in the store and he had it behind the counter with my name on it. And it was marked down. How bout them apples? Carl has since recalculated and believes his original numbers are correct but with none to spare so I'm going to go get it just to have on hand for breakage if nothing else. That was a pleasant surprise.Go Home Depot.

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