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Mo beach pictures

The three day challenge. I did it. Here are the rest of my pictures from the beach.
even mo beach
Click on the picture to see the entire album

Six Word Meme

Ford and Aly tagged me with a "six word story" meme. We've had a lot of fun with these at work and find ourselves counting our words frequently whenever we say something humorous, hoping to proclaim, "there's a six-word story for you!" Did you notice that was six words? Smith Mag has had themed six word stories and one of mine for Mother's Day was published. I think everybody's is published though, so I probably shouldn't be too proud. :) I used this blog for a workshop. I thought it would be a good way to get my students use to leaving comments. Maybe I should try the same exercise here since "NO ONE HARDLY EVER LEAVES COMMENTS". There you have it. That is my story, at least for today.

If you are willing, here are the rules: you need to describe your life in 6 words, link back to me, and then tag another 5 people. Leave them a comment to let them know they are tagged.

I am tagging Cara, Danielle, Karen Seddon, Karen Lee, and Katie.

Stella Faces


I sure do miss this face. Click on the picture to see the entire album.

Beach 08


Photos by Phyllis Redman. Click on the picture to see the entire album.

Our friend and excellent photographer, Phyllis Redman, came to take family pictures for us earlier this week. I have about 300 pictures to share...but I'll refrain. I'm still going through them trying to decide. Thanks Phyllis!

Wide awake

We are waiting for the arrival of Katie, Barrett, Cara and Stella and even though we are up long after our bedtime we are stoked and not even yawning. Well actually I just yawned as I typed that but it was the first one.

Livi is sleeping over tonight. She wasn't too happy about the sleeping part, which is unusual. She was happy to come home with me and all was well until about 9:00 when I started talking about going night night. Her response to that was an emphatic "NO night night". I finally had to put her down and let her cry it out but it broke my heart. She pulled out every trick in her arsenal. She called me by name in a pitiful voice, she called her Pops. She threw her toys out of the crib and screamed oh oh like it was an accident, she cried bo bo,bo bo ,she knew that would bring me running. She cried "eat eat" like she was really hungry. It was a tough few minutes. It's good she gave up when she did. I was about to cave.

I went to another county in …

Happy Father's Day


Traveling the Dirt Roads of Life

Carl and I took a walk this evening. I'm starting a dirt road photo collection. There's a lot to be said for dirt roads. We met a fearless bunny, got serenaded by thousands of frogs, crickets and maybe a gator or two. Click on the album cover to see more pictures.


The 50's

I love to listen to books in the car. Currently I am listening to The Thunderbolt Kid. If you pass me and see me laughing hysterically that is why. Bill Bryson's descriptions of just how stupid we were in the 50's appears, sadly, to be accurate. I thought that surely he was making up some of these national absurdities or at least embellishing them for our entertainment. I googled missile mail to test my theory but sure enough our Postmaster General was on hand to receive the first Missile Mail delivery in Mayport in 1959.

Happy Baby

Stella is wearing the gown that Katie wore home from the hospital. awww. She wears vintage well, doesn't she? Photo by Katie

hard on cell phones

True stories. We've had them:
>Slide off the center console and dive head first into a coffee cooler.
>Fall out of the car and get run over
>Drop into a toilet
>Flip off the boat and sink in Lake Santa Fe
>Become misplaced in the Foam Zone during Disney's Grad Night

I hope this list doesn't grow.

HB to me

Carl booked an eco tour in St.Augustine for my birthday. We had seen their ads when we went on Aly's Birthday cruise. Jesse, Leaa and Livi joined us in an inflatable, hard bottom boat that was powered by soy oil and could go in as little as two feet of water. It was a beautiful day. We cruised around the bay and followed some dolphins and meandered in a creek in the salt marshes. Zack our guide was knowledgeable and nice. I think he may want to take guitar lessons from Jesse now. Funny how that happens. Carl once signed up a policeman for banjo lessons after he had been pulled over for speeding. But back to our day, Livi thought the tour was a little long. She fell asleep on her Mom and got in a good nap before lunch at Harry's. Next we braved the 95 degree heat on St.George Street to go to my favorite shoe store. As soon as we walked in Livi squealed, "SHOES!", with such glee that I had to laugh. She's my kind of girl. Thanks for a great birthday trip family. Ya…


Well apparently GPS is a notable keyword for the ad search bots. At least GPS ads are better than Mother's Day card ads a month after Mother's Day. I probably just tripped that switch again by typing that. But as I was saying- guess there are lots of apps for tracking cell phones out there. I-track said it was free but you can't actually get to it without making a donation so that would lead me to believe that it is not actually free. And since deception is never appreciated I've decided not to try that one. But back to keywords- Wonder what will happen if I type in these keywords. Got to do it.
dog poop
horse's patootie
ding dong
Does this sound like the mind of a 53 year old! I taught kindergarten for too long.


Cara's iphone was stolen last month. She is still in mourning. I called ATT and Apple about trying to track it by ip or GPS but was told the technology wasn't there yet. I questioned that since i-map can pinpoint your location but was told they use triangulation between cell phone towers rather than a GPS chip for that feature. Not sure what all this means actually but was of course disappointed that the phone couldn't be recovered. Cara was even more disappointed. She's waiting for the new release. I understand it will have GPS too and the rumor about a 200.00 price tag will make it very tempting but in the meantime I found this app called i-track that we can use. Wish we had known sooner. i-track
Looks like good conversation to me. Just talking with the girls. Photo by Cara again


What's safe in plastic? Who the heck knows? A friend linked to this site in twitter so I'm sharing too.
Think how much we've already consumed. I might as well go light up.