HB to me

Carl booked an eco tour in St.Augustine for my birthday. We had seen their ads when we went on Aly's Birthday cruise. Jesse, Leaa and Livi joined us in an inflatable, hard bottom boat that was powered by soy oil and could go in as little as two feet of water. It was a beautiful day. We cruised around the bay and followed some dolphins and meandered in a creek in the salt marshes. Zack our guide was knowledgeable and nice. I think he may want to take guitar lessons from Jesse now. Funny how that happens. Carl once signed up a policeman for banjo lessons after he had been pulled over for speeding. But back to our day, Livi thought the tour was a little long. She fell asleep on her Mom and got in a good nap before lunch at Harry's. Next we braved the 95 degree heat on St.George Street to go to my favorite shoe store. As soon as we walked in Livi squealed, "SHOES!", with such glee that I had to laugh. She's my kind of girl. Thanks for a great birthday trip family. Yall are awfully sweet.


Alyson & Ford said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like a relaxing way to usher in a new year! Don't you just love St. Augustine?

Let's all retire there and enjoy the nature, history and tourists (and it is still close to the kids)!


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