Cara's iphone was stolen last month. She is still in mourning. I called ATT and Apple about trying to track it by ip or GPS but was told the technology wasn't there yet. I questioned that since i-map can pinpoint your location but was told they use triangulation between cell phone towers rather than a GPS chip for that feature. Not sure what all this means actually but was of course disappointed that the phone couldn't be recovered. Cara was even more disappointed. She's waiting for the new release. I understand it will have GPS too and the rumor about a 200.00 price tag will make it very tempting but in the meantime I found this app called i-track that we can use. Wish we had known sooner. i-track


Cara said…
this is kind of like ifoundyouriphone.com. i registered here but didn't have my serial number or a fancy background so it won't do me any good. thanks for trying mom :)

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