Wide awake

We are waiting for the arrival of Katie, Barrett, Cara and Stella and even though we are up long after our bedtime we are stoked and not even yawning. Well actually I just yawned as I typed that but it was the first one.

Livi is sleeping over tonight. She wasn't too happy about the sleeping part, which is unusual. She was happy to come home with me and all was well until about 9:00 when I started talking about going night night. Her response to that was an emphatic "NO night night". I finally had to put her down and let her cry it out but it broke my heart. She pulled out every trick in her arsenal. She called me by name in a pitiful voice, she called her Pops. She threw her toys out of the crib and screamed oh oh like it was an accident, she cried bo bo,bo bo ,she knew that would bring me running. She cried "eat eat" like she was really hungry. It was a tough few minutes. It's good she gave up when she did. I was about to cave.

I went to another county in South Florida to train this week. It is always nice to meet other teachers and I enjoyed the trip but it is becoming more and more difficult to share what we want and need to share because many districts have locked down their networks and machines. I sort of felt sorry for the participants. Here we were in a beautiful new high school but we didn't have access to things like i-tunes(couldn't share i-tunes u) or Google's goodies (couldn't share Picasa). I understand why IT departments in k-12 institutes have to be cautious but a balance would be good.


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