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I work with some awesome people. They all worked so hard today to get the new laptops finished. And they did it without the extra help we were counting on. And they were good natured while they did it. We're distributing MacBooks tomorrow. wahoo. That's a relief. Of course this is still a new process for us so I'm sure we'll run into some bumps along the way. Being the worrier that I am I keep waiting for the next thing to go wrong. That's a bad habit. Maybe everybody who works in technology has that same dread though. You know it's coming. But for tonight I want to revel in the good news. We did it! Philosophically speaking, if you are brave enough to try something new then you should expect a learning curve while keeping in mind that curves can be painful when navigated at high speeds. We want that on a plaque in the office now.

This cutie will be here for a visit soon


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Happy weekend

Running errands today and anticipating Cara's arrival this afternoon. Trying to stay out of the office until tomorrow. So this is it for me and computers today. I still have an unsettled feeling of dread that the imaging will not be done in time but I need to just let go of that and have some faith. We'll have plenty of help on Monday. Unfortunately I ran into problems replicating the procedure yesterday - hopefully because I was multitasking and in a hurry and not because we have lurking technical issues. Good news is that a server will be here for the next round of deployment. That will be several hundred machines for twelve learning labs. The folks at Apple have been apologetic and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the additional compensation. I am starting to feel all aglow again. kinda. Except for that reoccurring nightmare I am having about being strangled by a firewire.

I am bummed that I couldn't go to Destin for the weekend with my Alabama girlfriends. They al…


So the deployment of our 80 new MacBooks isn't going well. We are new to this platform and thought that we could use any ftp server to deliver the image that would be loaded on each machine. Nope. We need a Mac server which I would have certainly purchased had I known!!! Now we are going with a firewire from machine to machine and we may never finish and if we do it will only be because we'll be working many many extra hours. I'm frustrated. Can you tell? I was counting on people who had done this before for support and guidance. That was naive of me. I am not really all aglow about our new machines any more. We could have had Windows machines ghosted in a few hours. If I could drink I would.

Must go now and search for a way to boot to a target disk on a new machine without going through the set up. arrgh.
Our laptops arrived around 1:30 today. We're working on setting up the perfect machine to image. Got home at 7:30 and still haven't finished that process.

grant news

Eighty Mac Books have left California on their way to Florida. The count down begins. Will they arrive in a timely fashion? Can our team image eighty machines in time? Will our teachers check their email and do what needs to be done before Aug.4th? Will USF have to schlep eighty machines to Orlando? Stay tuned for a blow by blow account. That should really increase my readership. :)

on/off switch

To conclude the aforementioned medical saga: Sunday night I got up to take another percocet and had a jolt of pain so severe that I saw stars. As I straightened up, it was as if someone flipped a switch and the pain was gone completely. This was pre percocet, so it was not drug induced relief. At any rate, good riddance. I've felt fine since then so I have concluded that it must have been a kidney stone. Who needs stinking House. He's so rude anyway.


I'm home from teaching at a T&L Institute in Lake City. It was an interesting week. I am also home from a day in the emergency room. I am home and do not want to leave again. While I was in Lake City last week my back started hurting in a very specific spot, lower left side around my waist, or at least what would be my waist if I had one. The last time I had this pain (six or seven years ago) it was diagnosed as kidney stones or gravel actually. We never saw any stones but the pain made it difficult for me to stand up straight. Same thing this time and no visible stones again. After another CT Scan, chest x-ray, blood and urine test we still have no diagnoses. Where is House when you need him? We were there from 7:30 until 2:00. Poor Carl. I came home with a bottle of pain pills and slept all afternoon and night. Today the pain is better but not gone and I am not sure what to do next. I've got lots to do to keep me busy so guess I'll try not to think about it and drink…

Matt Matt is da Man

Our nephew, Matt, competed in the Ford Ironman, Coeur D'Alene last weekend. He raced for twelve hours, swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles. Good Lord. I cannot imagine enduring that. We are proud of you Matt. The thumbnail image belongs to these professional photographers that covered the event.


Ok, Google. I've got to say it. I will never receive my first check from you if you only put up ads about, I can't type it for fear of making it worse, if you only put up ads about a holiday that occurs in May to honor women who have nurtured others. As Liv would say, pease stop. Chank Chew.

Tasteless Tucan

Just so you will always remember and never forget that bad decor does not necessarily dictate a bad vacation. The beach was lovely, the beds clean and comfortable but somebody really needs to redecorate.I think we could have been happy in a shack as long as we were together. I miss my children and grandchildren.