So the deployment of our 80 new MacBooks isn't going well. We are new to this platform and thought that we could use any ftp server to deliver the image that would be loaded on each machine. Nope. We need a Mac server which I would have certainly purchased had I known!!! Now we are going with a firewire from machine to machine and we may never finish and if we do it will only be because we'll be working many many extra hours. I'm frustrated. Can you tell? I was counting on people who had done this before for support and guidance. That was naive of me. I am not really all aglow about our new machines any more. We could have had Windows machines ghosted in a few hours. If I could drink I would.

Must go now and search for a way to boot to a target disk on a new machine without going through the set up. arrgh.


Alyson & Ford said…
Sorry for the pain... If only we could help, we would.

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