I'm home from teaching at a T&L Institute in Lake City. It was an interesting week. I am also home from a day in the emergency room. I am home and do not want to leave again. While I was in Lake City last week my back started hurting in a very specific spot, lower left side around my waist, or at least what would be my waist if I had one. The last time I had this pain (six or seven years ago) it was diagnosed as kidney stones or gravel actually. We never saw any stones but the pain made it difficult for me to stand up straight. Same thing this time and no visible stones again. After another CT Scan, chest x-ray, blood and urine test we still have no diagnoses. Where is House when you need him? We were there from 7:30 until 2:00. Poor Carl. I came home with a bottle of pain pills and slept all afternoon and night. Today the pain is better but not gone and I am not sure what to do next. I've got lots to do to keep me busy so guess I'll try not to think about it and drink lots of water and wait and see. The ER people at Shands get an A+ even without a diagnoses. They could not have been nicer. Much different from the last experience we had there several years ago when Mom broke her foot.
I am posting a picture of a restaurant in Lake City. One of my teammates took it but not sure which one. I can't really recommend their food, (could this be why I am sick?) but enjoyed their name.


OUCH! I feel your pain! I pray that House makes a house call, or some diagnosis is come up with soon!

Glad to hear the training went well!
Alyson & Ford said…
Hope you are feeling better! We were able to sneak in some quality time with Livi on Sunday (and it was fun at Gator Landing, just a bit too hot for me!).
Sorry you were under the weather!


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