I work with some awesome people. They all worked so hard today to get the new laptops finished. And they did it without the extra help we were counting on. And they were good natured while they did it. We're distributing MacBooks tomorrow. wahoo. That's a relief. Of course this is still a new process for us so I'm sure we'll run into some bumps along the way. Being the worrier that I am I keep waiting for the next thing to go wrong. That's a bad habit. Maybe everybody who works in technology has that same dread though. You know it's coming. But for tonight I want to revel in the good news. We did it! Philosophically speaking, if you are brave enough to try something new then you should expect a learning curve while keeping in mind that curves can be painful when navigated at high speeds. We want that on a plaque in the office now.


Alyson & Ford said…
CONGRATULATIONS! We're not the least bit surprised that you and your team were able to pull this off!

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