The Flip

Received 104 Flip video cameras to be distributed to EETT teachers this week. I was a little disappointed when we cracked one open to play. There was a huge software update needed. I knew the teachers were going to struggle with that on our network so I had to look for another option. That's when my brain finally started working again. duh. These are 100.00 cameras that create pretty good little AVI files. Period. You don't need their software. You can import into iMovie right off the camera. A restless night of worried troubleshooting for nothing. I talked with tech support too from Pure Digital and they confirmed that their software is great for uploading files to YouTube and Facebook, which are both blocked in our district. So we aren't getting the updates. Problem solved. Next problem. I should have ordered the rechargeable batteries at the same time as the cameras. Now I must do a budget amendment to order them because it's a different cost strip. eek. Who knew spending money was so hard?


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