Friday Night in the Sticks

Carl and I ate at Blue Water Bay in Melrose tonight. The food was delicious. I had a really fresh mixed greens salad with mango chutney dressing topped with blacken tuna. (Maggie says you don't care what I had for supper but I don't care so there.) It was a nice change of pace for us. Must remember to make time to do this more often.If you go there be sure to take time to look at all the local art on display. Good stuff. Note the well done oil painting of a beautiful antebellum home that looks like it surely sits on one of the moss-covered lanes leading to Lake Santa Fe. The jacked-up high, four wheel drive vehicle sitting on the curb confirms it.

This week at work has been action packed. We've got clearance to order the labs next week and the flip cameras should be on their way. I keep getting positive feedback from our participants who are anxious to implement what they've learned. Now to continue to build on this by providing the equipment and support that they need. This week I also taught a few of the usual things for this time of the year including a class for our New Teacher Orientation. In years past we've trained around 100 new teachers. This year there were 14 present. That's scary and makes me wonder how many students we plan to put in each classroom?

Carl got to spend the day with Liv. I'm a little jealous.

Gonna go watch a movie with CC. Happy Friday Night.


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