storm's coming

I like to watch computer models when hurricanes are heading our way.The models shared on Weather Underground started predicting the path of Fay before the forecasts were changed. I saw the first one at 8:00am yesterday and thought that would not be a good scenario for us and by noon another had join that path prediction. By 5:00 another and now they are all converging on the same path. I think we'll start a pool next time. Which computer model will nail it?

Our schools will be in session tomorrow so I started gathering up some things today since I won't have time for that tomorrow. Batteries, candles, etc. We have a generator this time. A week without power a few years ago provided the incentive for that purchase. If the path doesn't change they predict the power outages will be as bad as four years ago when Florida was hammered repeatedly. eek. That was not cool.We had friends who were without power for two weeks.

Other news - I actually got to order the Labs today!!! Even though the phone was ringing off the hook and everybody needed email accounts yesterday.


I hope Putnam is staying safe and not too soaked. We only had 20 minutes of rain here. Not so bad.
Glad to hear the labs were ordered. YEAH!

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