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This is my niece Tess. She was asked to read the school's mission statement in front of her entire school, their superintendent, local state and federal representatives, and a U.S. Dept of Education official yesterday when her school was awarded the Blue Ribbon of Excellence Award.  Did I mention she is five? Isn't she adorable? She has an adorable sister too, who is also sharp as a tack. This picture appeared in their newspaper.

slowly but surely

One more lab in place. I feel like we are working so hard but can't get it done fast enough. Thank you Matt H. for working tirelessly.


Two labs placed in schools today. Ten more to go. We are stretched way too thin but it is such a joy to see these put into our classrooms. It's worth the effort.

Livi at the Park

Livi at the Park
Click on the cover to see the entire album


Yeah! Our labs are on schedule to be delivered next week. We ( mostly Matt) are imaging about 80 machines a day. We are delivering the image from the server but we're still having to use boot camp to partition the hard drive before adding the Windows image. It would have been so much easier to not include Windows on these. Next time maybe we won't have to.

Woe is me

Still no unified dual boot image for the Macbooks yet but we are closer. Tomorrow we go to Plan B. Say hello to my old friend firewire. Our new server uses a newer firewire called firewire 800. It's suppose to be a lot faster, however no one in Putnam carries them, and no one from Apple pointed out that we would need one. So I checked in Gainesville and St. Augustine. Nada. Had to order one on line with my own credit card and have it overnighted. ouch. It will be so worth it though if it will expedite this process. Once again, had I known I would have gladly scheduled Mac technical services to be delivered. I know this is a live and learn process that we are going through but a little more help from my Apple Sales peeps would have been really nice. They are nice guys but don't remember evidently, what it is like to deploy a new platform. My Windows IT friends are more than a little hacked.


Who knew these were available? The things I learn on twitter. My goodness. There's more.

running on empty

Not feeling the blog lately. I apologize to my seven faithful visitors. I am writing some on a private wiki that we are using for the EETT Grant but seem to have more of a twitter mentality these days. That's scary.

Today at work I posted a webcast for our new superintendent. He wants to do that often so I foresee a learning curve in my near future. We have a big fat new Mac server that will host podcasts, wikis, blogs and who knows what else. I can't wait to learn more about using it. Today I just put up a .mov file on our ftp server but I used Garage Band to save it for the web. It worked well. Nice compression, fast and simple. I'm sure there are better ways to do it but if I can accomplish something quickly with drag and drop simplicity, well why not? Now if we can just figure out how to deliver an image to the labs through the server I will be happy ( relieved, overjoyed, delirious, etc)
I want labs in schools starting next week.If nothing big crashes, requiring immedi…

Advisory Board Meeting

I'm sitting in a cold Hilton Conference room in St.Pete longing to be warmed by the sun on the bay.

Newsletter: Month 240

Dear Cara,
Today you are 240 months old. Holy crap. Can you believe it?!!!Luckily for me I never committed to writing the other 239 newsletters. I wonder if Heather will still be at it when Leta celebrates her 240th month. Anyway, I wanted you to know that we are proud of you and we love you. Happy Birthday.
Mom and Dad

Saturday reread

Just reread that last post. I was watching the Republican Convention and ranting. I do not dislike John and Cindy Lou. I think they are admirable people. Did her attire really cost 300,000.00? Yep she's got my value system for sure. I probably couldn't find that at Bealles though. However I can not believe that anyone would think that any of that was about the real world in which we live. And the entire spinning of Palin's image was rather nauseating. Go read about her beliefs. eek. Can you imagine this lady running our country.

Getting ready for a shower for Ford and Aly. They are going to China next week!!! We could not be more excited for them.

Fear Mongers

Need I say more? Well maybe a few more words. Greedy, oil thirsty, tasteless, fear mongering,head-in-the-sand,propagandists.

Let's see how many propaganda techniques we can find here boys and girls.
Assertion - check
Glittering Generalities- check
Name Calling - check
Plain Folks - check
Simplification (Stereotyping)- check
Testimonials- check
Pinpointing the Enemy-check
Band Wagoning - check

I'm a Mac

The conventions are reminding me of Apple Ads. Guess who the PCs are?

moving up

Many more Macbooks in town now. Twelve labs waiting to be locked and loaded. Yehaw!

durn google ads

I almost fell out of my seat tonight when I opened my blog and saw an ad linking to a site that was bashing my presidential candidate. I tried to follow the directions to remove all the ads, didn't work. Reverting to this template was the fastest fix but I've lost all my links. So much for my experiment with google ads. Just as well. Obama in 08.