Saturday reread

Just reread that last post. I was watching the Republican Convention and ranting. I do not dislike John and Cindy Lou. I think they are admirable people. Did her attire really cost 300,000.00? Yep she's got my value system for sure. I probably couldn't find that at Bealles though. However I can not believe that anyone would think that any of that was about the real world in which we live. And the entire spinning of Palin's image was rather nauseating. Go read about her beliefs. eek. Can you imagine this lady running our country.

Getting ready for a shower for Ford and Aly. They are going to China next week!!! We could not be more excited for them.


I don't think I'll ever spend $300,000 on all the clothes I'll wear in a lifetime! I just can't imagine.
And the money they spend on campaigns! They could donate some of that money to a college and have their media division do a jam up job.They'd be helping out colleges, giving students a real experience, and SAVING MONEY!!! And what exactly was learned at a convention that lasts as long as any of them did? Couldn't they have done it in a day, no more than two? I think that's one of the biggest things that bother me about elections- the amount of WASTE!

Miss ya!

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