Woe is me

Still no unified dual boot image for the Macbooks yet but we are closer. Tomorrow we go to Plan B. Say hello to my old friend firewire. Our new server uses a newer firewire called firewire 800. It's suppose to be a lot faster, however no one in Putnam carries them, and no one from Apple pointed out that we would need one. So I checked in Gainesville and St. Augustine. Nada. Had to order one on line with my own credit card and have it overnighted. ouch. It will be so worth it though if it will expedite this process. Once again, had I known I would have gladly scheduled Mac technical services to be delivered. I know this is a live and learn process that we are going through but a little more help from my Apple Sales peeps would have been really nice. They are nice guys but don't remember evidently, what it is like to deploy a new platform. My Windows IT friends are more than a little hacked.


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