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my fear

I fear there are a lot more people of this mentality supporting McCain/Palin. I fear they will crawl out from under their rocks on election day and elect the wrong person for our country. I fear they cannot read. I fear that they have listened to the rhetoric being spun by crazies. They get their facts from email forwards and fear mongering stump speeches. It's not to late to do some homework. See or I could go on but I will be accused of being fanatical

I voted today. Obama in 08, please dear Lord.

paint da punkin


I can breathe again. All twelve labs are in place, as well as the projectors, cameras, and extra batteries. Meetings are scheduled and mentors arranged. Now what have I forgotten? I met one of my EETT teachers in Publix last night who said that she realizes now what she needs to be effective; a laptop for every student. Cool. I actually dealt with email and email accounts and the mundane today. I had over seven hundred messages in my inbox. eek. Can't believe I am that person. I use to roll my eyes at admins in our building who never cleaned out their inboxes.

Unedited Giggles

Pots playing with Livi while she was having a bedtime snack.

sharing family photos

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Stella Bella Ella Boo

This book is shocking!

fact checker

dinner at Matt's

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Stella Bella


the very hungry baby

On Monday Stella ate one book.

photo by Katie

Matt the mobile cart man!

Six down and six more to go. I thought we would be further along when I planned a trip for next week but OH WELL I am going anyways. Stella, Mimi is coming to see you soon.


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Walking by the river


Jesse and the General Lee

When Jesse was a little boy he liked the Dukes of Hazards TV Show a lot so when we saw this car today at a car show I thought he should pose. He humored me.