Cold Saturday morning in Florida. I love this weather! Hope it hangs around through the holidays. We're usually in t-shirts rather than sweaters this time of the year. We have drywall men in today repairing a ceiling upstairs that was damaged as a result of the demolition and they are finishing some of the stationary windows that are installed already. The roofers are here and will be able to complete most of that today I think. The new roof line threw that schedule off a little but I am more resolved about our delays than I was when we started this process. CC has done a great job of finding good people to do the work. I don't find myself wanting to cry as often. That's progress I guess. After seeing all the problems that are being addressed now I am glad that we are doing all this. This old barn needed a face lift and some structural shoring up. We knew we had termite damage on the porches so that wasn't a surprise, although it was surprising to see just how much they can eat, but the sagging rafters and dry rotted boards elsewhere are being systematically replaced. The floors are filthy from all the traffic - no walkways left, so rich black Florida soil is all in our house. I'll just have to deal with it when it's all over and shovel it out as I can. The family is all coming in next week for Thanksgiving. Yeah! So we're trying to maintain some sanity in the kitchen,bedrooms and living area but "it" keeps encroaching. It is the demolition / construction chaos. But I have faced that beast and overcome my fears, sort of.


Alyson and Ford said…
Ooh... keeping the house clean must be a nightmare! Can't wait to see it finished too!


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