Making lots of progress around the house today. We've cleaned and hung curtains and moved the furniture back in place. The new windows are lovely, at least from the inside. We can't move forward with the outside until after the holidays. Three of the windows were defective. The replacements will be here next week but the carpenters weren't available until after the first of the year. Then the balcony has to be installed off our master suite and then we can finally stucco. We will still have to have a driveway installed, trees removed, fencing installed and landscape. There's more being done inside but other than the kitchen it will be in an area that we aren't living in and we can close off the mess. Here's a partial list of our misadventures. Really.

This is long and boring so don't feel as if you have to read it all. I just want to record it. We really don't want to forget this experience. However if you are considering buying or remodeling an old house you should read every word.

Demo phase- tearing off the upstairs porch left a gaping hole in the roof. Big rain came before roofers. Plastic placed over opening failed. Ceiling in recently remodeled room is ruined and collapses. Sprayed insulation escapes.

Same day - An outside water pipe is broken as the porch is demolished.

Next day- one of the window installation guys breaks a pipe upstairs and doesn't notice. Carl does when he walks in the laundry room downstairs and water is pouring in from the light fixture. Another ceiling needs to be replaced.

Another water pipe is broken outside. Carl can fix these. To quote G'ma, he can do so many things and he does them well. These plumbing repairs usually involve me making one or two trips to the hardware store with muddy pipes and connectors in hand. Safest way to get it right.

The washing machine drain pipe is broken as a truck drives over it.

First two windows go in. I notice immediately, when I get home that evening, that they aren't the same height. They are right beside each other. Kind of hard to miss. They come out and are redone. Three times.

After five windows are in place architect points out they don't meet code. Windows come out, all are sent back and new ones are ordered. Holes are boarded up and there is about a three week delay before windows arrive and workers can be rescheduled.

Window guys demand extra money to carry old windows downstairs. Whatever.

Carpenters work to reinforce roof trusses. Find lots more work than expected. Takes longer than expected. Roof repaired delayed.

New roof goes on. New gable goes on at an added expense. Carpenters who lost money repairing roof trusses stick it to us to cover their previous loses. Whatever.
Fascia boards go on.

Bathroom shower enclosure is damaged when the window opening is enlarged. Tile is no longer available, has to be costumed ordered from factory. We were told 100 tiles needed for a minimum order. Fine, we thought we would have plenty of spares. Only thirty tiles show up. Five are broken.

Second dry wall repair guy doesn't work out. Tile guy isn't available either.

Three windows are defective and have to go back. New ones won't be installed until after first of year. Another delay.

Getting ready for the office Christmas party. Running late. Hop in shower. No water. Electrician had rewired box with different breakers. Not the right ones evidently. Went dirty to my Christmas party.

Water was back on soon but laundry had accumulated. Went to start a load. Nothing happened. More wiring issues. At this point I am seeing some humor in this. I'm cursing but thinking we really need to be documenting this because nobody is gonna believe it, right?


Alyson and Ford said…
I would laugh but I think I should just give you a big hug and congratulate you all on not going crazy mad!

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