yummy soup

Here's the recipe for the easy Thai soup that I've been enjoying lately. I discovered that if you use lite coconut milk it is a diet friendly choice too. It only takes a minute to make but seems luxurious. Maybe because it reminds me of our favorite Thai restaurant, Surin's, in Birmingham.

1 can of organic chicken broth
1 can of Hokan lite coconut milk
red curry paste
cooked and cubed chicken breast or shrimp

Heat the broth and coconut milk to boil, add curry paste and lemongrass to taste (about a tablespoon of curry is right for us, but it really depends on the paste, Padi Thai is my fav. Warning- lemongrass paste is stronger than you might imagine. I can't find real lemongrass so I use a paste that Publix carries. About 1/2 tablespoon is plenty.

nutrition info based on 1/2 cup
calories 75- plus whatever lean protein you add
fat 4g
carbs 4.5
sugar-no added sugar but 1 g from milk


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