Budget Doom and Gloom are the topics of the day at FETC this year but lots of good information is being shared too. I am listening to an ICT Discussion Panel on the online eighth grade assessment tool that FL DOE has developed. Two schools have piloted this in our district. I need to move us forward and get all eighth graders on it.

I've taken a Captivate workshop that was good and sat through a review of the new iWork 09. Gonna have to upgrade, very cool new features, sat through a looong but informative FCITL meeting yesterday and caught Hall Davidson from Discovery today. He shared video on the fly, gizmo and cool iris and some neat little green screen app that I didn't write down. I'll have to tweet to get that info. Interesting room during during Hall's presentation- Laptops in everyone's lap, watching a live ustream video of the presentation or tweeting about what was being said.

The keynote is this afternoon with Philippe Cousteau and then a vendor dinner tonight and more meetings on Friday.


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