would like to go back to bed

So much to do and I am so unmotivated. I have to get the payroll stuff to the accountant for 1099s and w-2's tomorrow, get a handle on the year end inventory and start preparing the information for the corporate tax return. I hate waiting until the last minute on that one and then not having time to really look at what the return is reporting. We've done that for several years so this year I intend to get it done in early Feb. Must first run into town and see Mom, pick up some things we need for repairs and then get the checkbook updated in Quicken. They start on the stucco tommorrow so I've got to make some paint choices too. I serendipitously ran into a kind professional painter at Sherwin Williams yesterday who helped me with some of my choices. I've been agonizing over paint chips for months. I'm off to the races.


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