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ta daa- sort of

Roof, Windows and Stucco done. Landscaping, patio, balcony, pergola, driveway and fencing, pending. Three more rooms inside pending but I like it. I've never liked our house, it didn't have nice lines, so this is big. Now I can't wait to get the rest of it finished. We're waiting on shutters and a new front door. Two mo weeks.

Happy Birthday Jesse

How is it possible that 27 years have passed so quickly? Seems like only yesterday that you were toddling around here stealing hearts where ever you went. Well actually you still do that. We love you and wish you peace and happiness.

Happy Birthday Stella!

Happy Birthday Stella 2/14/09 10:19 PM
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that explains it

While watching the dog show tonight I saw a dog that looked a lot like our Nollie. It was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Nollie was a pound puppy so we've always guessed she was some type of mixed retriever. The announcer mentioned the dog was bred to retrieve water fowl and that they get very excited upon seeing ducks. They love water and like to retrieve. I think this explains why Nollie will stand at the base of a tall dead pine tree in our yard and bark endlessly at a flock of buzzards that like to roost there. ( buzzards - ducks - whatever) And it explains why she has to have a kid's swimming pool for a water bowl because she splashes all her water out of whatever container you put down for her.
The picture above is from the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club site. I swear I have one of Noles holding her rubber chicken that looks identical. Rubber chicken - duck - whatever. BTW the breed is genetically prone to hip dysplasia. Who knew we had a show dawg.

first coat

Our house no longer looks like a patchwork quilt conglomeration of missed-matched construction. Now it looks like a big gray blob. It will have to dry completely before they apply the second coat containing the paint. But it's progress! Best guess if the weather cooperates- a week or two.



The party was at Mimi's house


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