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Livi and Cara were here

From March 28,2009

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new camera is here

today's six word story

exercised hard, collapsed into a heap

done deal

I am not in the mood to make decisions but I finally have. It was beginning to remind me of my angst over tan so I chastised myself for being so wimpy and I ordered a Canon PowerShot SD990 IS Compact ELPH. yahoo.can't wait.


Need to buy a new camera. Can't decide if I want to invest in something wonderful or just upgrade to another good quality point and shoot.

Saturday doings

Home from the fair. Eleven student bands from Carl's music instruction program performed there today. They did great. Three instructors and two other employees were in charge of setting up and breaking down and running sound. Carl showed up, played with his groups and left. I think it was a dream of his to be able to do that. :) No investment of sweat equity in this show. I think we are both ready to do something different with our lives but then I think of all the people who are playing music that might not be playing music if Carl had not been Carl for the last thirty years. Got to go do bookwork. I have a dream more bookwork.

Barbara McBride-Smith

If you live anywhere around Clay County in Florida you need to go hear Barbara McBride-Smith tomorrow at Keystone United Methodist Church. She will be speaking and sharing stories at the morning services tomorrow. As it turns out, she is a friend of a member of that church and she has been visiting this weekend and sharing her wonderful art form. She is a professional storyteller, a teacher, a school librarian, a theological seminary instructor, a traveling storyteller, and a writer. I have spent four hours with her today, two in a workshop and two listening to her tell stories and it has been blissful. She is a gifted performer and her insights were beautiful and relevant. She has received the John Henry Faulk Award for outstanding contributions to the art and folkway of storytelling. She has been inducted into the National Storytelling Association's Circle of Excellence. Go listen!!! You won't be disappointed and what an opportunity for us that live in this rural, OK podunk,…

more on the sorry state of affairs

Our local newspaper is often lame, as I may have mentioned before. Check out their site if you doubt that I am telling the truth. They don't share much content there so you really don't get the full effect but you will definitely get the idea. Not good. However, since we're a small town, and since they employee some nice local people that I like and respect, I try to stifle my criticism. Admittedly I am not always successful but today I lost all reason when I read the editor's column. It recapped all the criticism that they have published regarding our superintendent, who, by the way, is doing his best to prepare our schools and community for what we will face unless our state law makers increase funding for education. It was the same slant I've been reading since before the election. The entire tone was critical. He even blamed the superintendent for setting up our students to do poorly on the FCAT. Hello? Does he read other papers? Does he not understand that o…

cara is home

postage stamps by Cara.

the sorry state of affairs in education in Florida

I attended a three hour school board meeting today. The meeting was moved to a larger venue to accommodate the expected crowd. The room wasn't large enough. The aisles were packed and people stood against the walls. Our district, like every other school district in Florida, is faced with horrific decisions. Emotional students, teachers and parents spoke about the importance of educating our children. Nobody wants to reduce services to our students, except our state representatives evidently. I am ashamed that Florida is ranked fiftieth in the nation when it comes to education funding . What are our representatives thinking? I am proud of our district leadership team. They are taking the steps, as painful as they are, to prepare us for the reality of our budget. They are trimming away at years of unquestioned practices and the resulting waste and inefficiency, which needed to be done with or without a budget crisis. I applaud their hard work. Angry, often uninformed people, ar…

Snow in Memphis

It's snowing in Memphis. I wish I was there too. It's suppose to rain here. It just isn't as exciting. Katie shared this picture from her iphone. I lost my iPhone on Friday. I spent the day belittling and berating myself for being so forgetful. I had taken Nollie to the vet and had it in my hand when I crawled in the backseat to lift her fifty-seven pound carcass out of the floorboard. She was trying to hide under the seat. Only her nose fits but she was doing her best not to be seen. During this graceful ballet a truck pulled up beside me and two large rambunctious shepherds emerged, owner in tow. Nollie is now glued to the floorboard, not budging. We made it inside the building eventually and I hurried to work. Once there I realized I had no iphone. Searched my car, purse,and computer case, twice, called the vet, backtracked my route, all the while cursing my stupidity. I was sure I had put it on the roof of the car during the commotion. It was going directly to voice ma…