Barbara McBride-Smith

If you live anywhere around Clay County in Florida you need to go hear Barbara McBride-Smith tomorrow at Keystone United Methodist Church. She will be speaking and sharing stories at the morning services tomorrow. As it turns out, she is a friend of a member of that church and she has been visiting this weekend and sharing her wonderful art form. She is a professional storyteller, a teacher, a school librarian, a theological seminary instructor, a traveling storyteller, and a writer. I have spent four hours with her today, two in a workshop and two listening to her tell stories and it has been blissful. She is a gifted performer and her insights were beautiful and relevant. She has received the John Henry Faulk Award for outstanding contributions to the art and folkway of storytelling. She has been inducted into the National Storytelling Association's Circle of Excellence. Go listen!!! You won't be disappointed and what an opportunity for us that live in this rural, OK podunk, area of Florida! She has told stories at the largest festivals and I had the opportunity to hear her tell with twenty or so people today. How cool is that? I felt like tonight was a private concert. And she told a new story that she had never told before that was awe inspiring. Cool day in podunk Florida folks. Night night.


Alyson and Ford said…
Sounds like you were treated to a special performance!

Where have you been in bloggy world? It can't be that bad? Where's the latest news on the money pit?

Hope you are doing well.
Ford is in St. Augustine right now listening to the kids..... Wish I was there too.


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