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Our local newspaper is often lame, as I may have mentioned before. Check out their site if you doubt that I am telling the truth. They don't share much content there so you really don't get the full effect but you will definitely get the idea. Not good. However, since we're a small town, and since they employee some nice local people that I like and respect, I try to stifle my criticism. Admittedly I am not always successful but today I lost all reason when I read the editor's column. It recapped all the criticism that they have published regarding our superintendent, who, by the way, is doing his best to prepare our schools and community for what we will face unless our state law makers increase funding for education. It was the same slant I've been reading since before the election. The entire tone was critical. He even blamed the superintendent for setting up our students to do poorly on the FCAT. Hello? Does he read other papers? Does he not understand that one neighboring county has already laid off over 500 teachers? Around the state the same sad stories are unfolding. However in p-town, instead of getting the help and support that I have seen from other news sources in other communities, our editor allows his personal opinion to become the news. He didn't mention any of the hard work that has been done to save the district money.Guess he isn't really informed either. But what sent me over the edge was the fact that after writing a snarky, critical article he said "although it is easy to jump on this criticism bandwagon, we are not ready to do so...our criticism can be restrained at the moment" Really? Could have fooled me. Seems rather obvious to most of us how you really feel.I think I can refrain from subscribing too.


travelreads said…
It's a shame. Your district is full of wonderful teachers all dedicated to their job --- which is more than a job for them. I have heard wonderful things from you about your Superintendent, so I'm sure he's a wonderful leader doing the best he can in this very difficult time.

Best of luck!
Alyson and Ford said…
I stopped taking the Times Union because I finally asked myself why I wanted to support their cheer leading for one thought, one party.
I'm sure the absence of our few bucks hurt :) but I feel good giving them the boot I should have done years ago!

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