Snow in Memphis

It's snowing in Memphis. I wish I was there too. It's suppose to rain here. It just isn't as exciting. Katie shared this picture from her iphone. I lost my iPhone on Friday. I spent the day belittling and berating myself for being so forgetful. I had taken Nollie to the vet and had it in my hand when I crawled in the backseat to lift her fifty-seven pound carcass out of the floorboard. She was trying to hide under the seat. Only her nose fits but she was doing her best not to be seen. During this graceful ballet a truck pulled up beside me and two large rambunctious shepherds emerged, owner in tow. Nollie is now glued to the floorboard, not budging. We made it inside the building eventually and I hurried to work. Once there I realized I had no iphone. Searched my car, purse,and computer case, twice, called the vet, backtracked my route, all the while cursing my stupidity. I was sure I had put it on the roof of the car during the commotion. It was going directly to voice mail so that meant it was probably in pieces on the road. My self-esteem took a horrific self- inflicted beating all day. As I was leaving work, I thought of one place I hadn't looked. And there it was, on the other side of the passenger's seat in the little door space. The battery was dead. I may buy a $9.99 Nokia tomorrow just so I don't have to go through this again. I may have nightmares about it. This phone,it's not mine thankfully, survived after being run over by a car so maybe there could be hope.


Alyson and Ford said…
So glad you found the iphone. (I want one so bad... Ford hogs our "shared one").
Did you see the pic of your grand scampering on the beach? Best pic I got of her all day... she would not stop moving... wore me out.

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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