Easter Gathering

From easter_09

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cathy said…
You, my lady, should add professional photographer to your resume. What moments you captured! I'm always wanting to get Liv's big mouth--you happen to be able to do it. Also, the picture of the siblings was just perfect! Thank-you so much--now you need to review to me how I can steal them.

The picture of Stella--too much. I know you miss her. We all do. I so enjoy all the pics that Katie puts on picasso.

If you ever get tired of all you computer geek stuff, you will always have a back up.
Anonymous said…
Marsha, I said it before, you have found your calling! You and Sarah have a great knack for catching the kids in mid air. All I get is a big blur! I loved them all, so thanks again for my smiles of this day.

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