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Nice end to the day


Livi is growing up so fast

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Radon emitting counter tops


not yet but closer

Cabinet makers are due back in on Thursday to finish with trim and hardware. yea. One more thing to check off the list. I finally got to play in the dirt this weekend, which I find very therapeutic, so now I can start my crazy week with a more zen-like outlook. Maybe it will last an hour or two.

grant update

Up late reading lesson plans submitted by the teachers who have participated in our EETT grant. I am so proud! I sort of feel like I have given birth. The gestation period was about the same - nine months. The labor pains were excruciating and debilitating at times but the effort worthwhile. They have exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations. Some of these teachers were so intimidated by technology that they had never used it in instruction. And some of those same teachers are the ones that are just blowing me away with their enthusiasm for integrating technology now. yea! We have users at all different skill levels in this group of eighty but I think the ones who have benefited the most were those who were most intimidated. One commented that she realizes now that it is good for her students to see her troubleshoot technical problems because she can model appropriate behavior for dealing with frustration :) I think that is progress?




I haven't visited my blog lately. I've been running around as crazy as a sprayed roach, trying to get things done to wrap up our EETT grant and the school year. I mumble a lot to myself these days - things like, "Must keep positive attitude" and "I know I said that and followed up with an email to make sure I communicated clearly, so why is this person asking me this again?" mumble mumble and "Are they serious? Do they expect me to do that too?" mumble mumble. So it's probably best that I don't blog right now because no one likes to hear somebody mumble. So I'm sharing an interesting website or two in lieu of my witless repartee.
This is Mike Wesch's video/lecture on the idea of Media Ecology and Cultural Anthropology.

And here's one that I have used recently in classes from TED.

Mo Memphis pictures

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