Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I haven't visited my blog lately. I've been running around as crazy as a sprayed roach, trying to get things done to wrap up our EETT grant and the school year. I mumble a lot to myself these days - things like, "Must keep positive attitude" and "I know I said that and followed up with an email to make sure I communicated clearly, so why is this person asking me this again?" mumble mumble and "Are they serious? Do they expect me to do that too?" mumble mumble. So it's probably best that I don't blog right now because no one likes to hear somebody mumble. So I'm sharing an interesting website or two in lieu of my witless repartee.
This is Mike Wesch's video/lecture on the idea of Media Ecology and Cultural Anthropology.

And here's one that I have used recently in classes from TED.

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