Happy Birthday to me and my sister Carol

Today has been a nice day. I was honored with our traditional office birthday breakfast. I work with nice people and it was good just to take a few minutes out to converse for a change. We are always so busy that it is hard to find minutes to just be human. Next I sat down to open my mail. I started with the inner office envelopes and was surprised to see a stack of student papers in one with a note attached that said please send to Mrs.Cruce. I am not sure who sent it but evidently one of our High School EETT teachers had asked her students to write a brief essay on what they thought about using the new Mac Labs this year. It sort of made my day. Many were very thoughtful and shared great reasons why all teachers should integrate technology into their instruction but the one that stands out was one that I have smiled about all day. The student wrote "That Mac lab has done grabbed ahold of my attention and made school fun." And there you have it. Authentic engagement in Putnam County. I loved it. If we have his attention then we can probably do something about his grammar but I would sort of hate to do away with his vernacular.

Thanks for all the birthday calls, cards and wishes. I got to sing the "happy birthday to us" song to my sister Carol this evening and am looking forward to family time tomorrow.


Alyson and Ford said…
"Reaching" a student is a definite smile maker!
Happy Birthday to you and sister Carol!

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