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Joe's non notebook

student tries to interface with a "foreign technology."

Digital babies

Livi, you will be glad to know that Mimi and Pops are making progress. A few months ago Livi and I were watching a movie together on TV. During the first commercial interruption she looked at me and then at the TV, back to me and then the TV. Then she shook her head disbelievingly and patted my arm before saying "Get da 'mote Mimi". The look she gave me was priceless; incredulity, mixed with pity. She was already accustomed to DVRs and thought everybody would fast forward through commercials. She has also pointed out that she prefers video conferencing to regular telephones calls pointing to the laptop and saying "da udder one Mimi" when I tried to hand her the phone. Her expectations, assumptions and preferences are already shaping her use of technology. I'll be glad when you come back to visit Liv. Mimi may need some help with the new DVR remote.

Livi and Stella are definitely digital babies. Stella's favorite toys have always been cell phones and r…

naive me

For the last couple of weeks I have talked with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal no fewer than a dozen times. I had five calls from her one day this week. I've gathered info for her, exchanged emails and spoken at length about our EETT Grant Project, Florida's statewide training initiative and funding sources. I felt honored. Silly me. The article came out today. She didn't even mention my name although she did quote our superintendent (whom I hooked her up with yesterday) and she linked to one of our great student created projects. At least that much is good. It's not that I crave fame it's just that I expected so much more. I thought she was writing an article about project-based learning and the much needed change which is occurring ever so slowly in our schools. Nope. Her slant questioned the logic of having technology funding in these dire times. She ends the article with a little more information on the improvements in student achievement that are asso…

weekend yea!

Hamburgers on the grill. Grandma bathed. Franny and Nollie walked. Internet working. Life is good.

we are not resting

This is a picture of Stella painting at Mimi's. She liked it as much as Livi does I think.

Carl and I have been cleaning out the garage today. Good heavens. How did we let it get this bad? We have thrown away a ton of crap, loaded up the van with stuff we are giving to the humane society's thrift shop and we still have more than we can store. We have been in the process of thinning the junk all year as we remodeled - or so I thought. Now I think we have just been moving it to the garage. Part of the remodel includes a new driveway and entrance that will let us actually use the garage as a garage instead of a junk storage facility. This is progress but it is painfully slow. I think Carl is still struggling with issues over parting with some music store memorabilia (like every sound track ever recorded in the studio for the last thirty years and every guitar player magazine he's ever bought and every catalog he's ever received, etc).

I'm going to the panhandle to tea…

Summer 09 vacation

We've had some bad vacations. If you know us or have followed this blog you know our theory. We angered the vacation gods years ago and they have been punishing us since. But incredibly we keep going back for more year after year because we so crave our family time. Like the Griswolds we pack up a ridiculous amount of "stuff" including Grandma and set out with high hopes. Additionally we never learn from our mistakes and keep renting condos sight unseen, or lake houses with water moccasins living in them or even worse - moldy smelling mattresses. We've vacationed through severe weather of every kind including a tornado and hurricane. We've become ill, experienced plumbing disasters,power outages, etc. You get the picture. You probably do not want to vacation near us. We are home from a week at the beach. Adorable granddaughter Stella got sick, ran a high fever and broke out in a rash. She saw the doctor twice because her fever wouldn't go away. She went home …