Sunday, July 26, 2009

Digital babies

Livi, you will be glad to know that Mimi and Pops are making progress. A few months ago Livi and I were watching a movie together on TV. During the first commercial interruption she looked at me and then at the TV, back to me and then the TV. Then she shook her head disbelievingly and patted my arm before saying "Get da 'mote Mimi". The look she gave me was priceless; incredulity, mixed with pity. She was already accustomed to DVRs and thought everybody would fast forward through commercials. She has also pointed out that she prefers video conferencing to regular telephones calls pointing to the laptop and saying "da udder one Mimi" when I tried to hand her the phone. Her expectations, assumptions and preferences are already shaping her use of technology. I'll be glad when you come back to visit Liv. Mimi may need some help with the new DVR remote.

Livi and Stella are definitely digital babies. Stella's favorite toys have always been cell phones and remotes. I believe she was sending a text message when I snapped this picture.


Alyson & Ford said...

I loved this post...

Alyson & Ford said...

Ditto, FM, loved it too!
AA is playing many apps on the iPhone and just points at it and says "Mine!!". Oh no, we are sharing one iPhone with three people! I see what is coming next.....

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