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For the last couple of weeks I have talked with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal no fewer than a dozen times. I had five calls from her one day this week. I've gathered info for her, exchanged emails and spoken at length about our EETT Grant Project, Florida's statewide training initiative and funding sources. I felt honored. Silly me. The article came out today. She didn't even mention my name although she did quote our superintendent (whom I hooked her up with yesterday) and she linked to one of our great student created projects. At least that much is good. It's not that I crave fame it's just that I expected so much more. I thought she was writing an article about project-based learning and the much needed change which is occurring ever so slowly in our schools. Nope. Her slant questioned the logic of having technology funding in these dire times. She ends the article with a little more information on the improvements in student achievement that are associated with technology integration but for me it was too little too late. Here's the link. I think it's available for seven days to non subscribers. Sheez.


cathy said…
Not enough credit--correct--, but in my world and all of your family's world you are the "real deal". Not only do you keep us linked with your efforts to improve technology in our school system, but you keep us informed on your blog and with your beautiful photographs of our family AND you are mother to the best son-in-law in the world AND you are one heck of a great "Mee-mee. How do you spell that? Now, go to the mirror and watch your head get bigger. You earn that!
Marsha Cruce said…
Thanks Cathy, my head does feel bigger! I just hated that she took a critical view, maybe that was suppose to be her hook? I felt used and abused. I'm over it. I'd given her at least two hours of my time thinking it was going to help get the word out about the importance of changes that need to occur. I have learned that journalists are not necessarily our friends which I should have already known considering all the wonderful(cough) articles that have appeared lately on some of the hard working people in our district!!!!
Alyson & Ford said…
I think we are all in AWE of the Cruce family. It's not enough that you're all drop dead gorgeous but you had to be multi-talented and SMART to boot!!!
Man, am I ever glad we married into this family!

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