Summer 09 vacation

We've had some bad vacations. If you know us or have followed this blog you know our theory. We angered the vacation gods years ago and they have been punishing us since. But incredibly we keep going back for more year after year because we so crave our family time. Like the Griswolds we pack up a ridiculous amount of "stuff" including Grandma and set out with high hopes. Additionally we never learn from our mistakes and keep renting condos sight unseen, or lake houses with water moccasins living in them or even worse - moldy smelling mattresses. We've vacationed through severe weather of every kind including a tornado and hurricane. We've become ill, experienced plumbing disasters,power outages, etc. You get the picture. You probably do not want to vacation near us. We are home from a week at the beach. Adorable granddaughter Stella got sick, ran a high fever and broke out in a rash. She saw the doctor twice because her fever wouldn't go away. She went home today and acted like she felt good for the first time in days. She was probably just relieved that it (vacation) was over! I got sick too, slept away two days and am pretty sure I have epizootie and consumption. I can't stop coughing and my head feels like it is the size of a large watermelon. Carl seems to be coming down with it now. Cara did a great job documenting this year's adventures. She blogged from her iphone. I mention that we didn't have internet connectivity. Three computers but no internet. We all had withdrawals. So where are we going next year kids? Loved our time together no matter what!
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