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iPhones apps are great for teaching little ones and for saving your sanity when traveling with little ones who are not thrilled to be traveling. ( true for all age groups actually.) Check out the iKid blog. Their older posts had some great reviews too. New teaching materials are being downloaded to my phone as I type.

And look! kiddy lit on iphones!.

And did you know “iPhone moms,” which constitute women (with children) who own iPhones, currently make up 29.5% of all iPhone users." This is from the ikids twitter feed.

So while I am on this subject there's a ton of info on using phones in the classroom. Stumbled across this article today and it makes perfect sense. Yet we still ban cell phones in our schools. This will change but it will be interesting to see how long it takes. Our current system is so resistant to change. So I ask, how can we facilitate a more efficient model. Who do I need to talk to!

Playing around with scrapblog again

century plant?

I think this is a century plant in bloom but the stalk is thinner than other pictures that I find on line. Location: Flagler Beach.

Pictures from last weekend

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holy filth

Just cleaned out the frig. Found remains that were identifiable only by the writing on the plastic which proclaimed it to be a cauliflower. Didn't look like any cauliflower I had ever seen. I wonder how that got by my nose for so long? Grroooss

weekend of pain

Carl's horoscope for today: This is an accident prone day.

If only he had read this before he climbed up the ladder with his chain saw. He is still in one piece but won't be running any races this weekend.

Jesse D

One of my favorite shots from the weekend. Will post more soon.

G'ma humor

I sprung Mom from the Nursing Home this weekend. We attended church together today. During the service she nodded off and was listing so far to one side that I grew concerned she might topple over so I patted her shoulder. She awoke with a start and said "Interesting!" like she had been listening to every word. She said this loud enough for all to hear. They might have heard me giggling too.

geek humor

week in review

We had a great three day Teaching and Learning Institute in Putnam. Our two Florida Master Digital Educators, Kathy Hobbs and Nancy Kuznicki, who just happen to be Apple Distinguished Educators as well, did a super fantastic job. All the participants seemed excited about the integration strategies shared and about trying a new platform. I love that we were able to add more people to our base of digital educators this year. Yea! This is still less than 20% of our teachers though so we've just begun. Even if not all exposed embrace the importance of technology integration everybody learned new information. The wheels are turning.

This picture was taken at a little restaurant in Flagler Beach called The Golden Lion. They have great food and the company was excellent!