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Carl's iphone came back on and is working more or less. It's resting in a bowl of rice now to promote a full recovery (good tip from sister) but amazingly it still works. The display has issues, water spots perhaps? It survived the heavy duty cycle too.
Oops, the list grows.
Carl's iphone went through the spin cycle. It came back on but not for long. Maybe we should have thrown it in the dryer? durn.

Posted Sunday, June 08, 2008
hard on cell phones
True stories. We've had them:
>Slide off the center console and dive head first into a coffee cooler.
>Fall out of the car and get run over
>Drop into a toilet
>Flip off the boat and sink in Lake Santa Fe
>Become misplaced in the Foam Zone during Disney's Grad Night

I hope this list doesn't grow.

Help your toddler overcome their fear of the dark. Strap a flashlight to their head. I think we could sell this along with our family recipe for anti-monster powder. Wonder if someone has purchased the domain name Odder online businesses have thrived. Like the lady who sells tumbleweeds.
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