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new office

We are moving the Professional Development Lab here too. Currently my office is rather lonely but others should join me soon. I am thrilled to have this space. It's a Media Center on a campus that the district closed last year. Sad that we closed it but financially it was a smart thing to do. The rest of the campus is being converted into other offices. The warehouse, purchasing, grant writers and project managers are already on site and I have heard that adult ed classrooms will be on this campus eventually. The Media Center has a video production room and a large AV room that we will set up as a work room for computer repairs. We're getting seven new people to help with computer repairs. I can hardly believe it. Help at last!!!

Happy Halloween


virtual pumpkin carving

Technology guru and fellow MDE Lee Kolbert shared virtual pumpkin carving sites recently on Palm Breeze Cafe.

Fun stuff for the little ones. OK for me too. Here's an easy one to try shared at


I was looking at my plants on Saturday and noticed what appeared to be a stick in one of the window boxes. I didn't have my glasses on. Luckily I am not so near sighted that I actually picked the stick up but I was going there. Even though it is a harmless little snake I would have had a heart attack and died right then.

It's cold in Memphis - yeah!

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Playing for Change

A friend (who happens to be my boss) shared this video today. Passing it on. Playing for Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. More information about this project is shared here.

World's Ugliest Dog

I had a fender bender in August which was caused by the world's ugliest dog. I had stopped by the music store to pick Cara up and while backing out saw a little elderly lady wearing her house-robe, slippers and a pink turban walking this malformed little dog. It may have been a chihuahua but it was so overweight that it looked like a misshapened, overstuffed, deformed sausage with legs stuck on it. The turbaned lady was shuffling along, oblivious to her grotesque dog's predicament, dragging it behind her while it was trying to do it's business. I ask you, would this scene not distract you too? I backed right into the truck behind me, mesmerized by the scene unfolding before me. Smacked right in to it. Luckily I hit a trailer hitch and only damaged my car and not the other vehicle. It cost over 1000.00 to have my car repaired and my insurance has a 500.00 deductible. So when I saw that Animal Planet has a show called the World's Ugliest Dog, the wheels started turning.…

Chai Gators

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