Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

this week in Marsha's world

Carl just sat through a three hour church service while performing a service call on a PA that he sold and installed. He was prepared for the first hour but I am sure the other two came as a surprise. Bless his heart.

Happy anniversary to Jesse and Leaa. And many more....

Enjoyed attending a baby shower for Leaa and baby Dylan at South Beach Grill yesterday. Lovely ocean view, good food, good company and adorable baby gifts to celebrate a much anticipated event. What's not to love. Livi and AA and other little ones made it even better entertainment. Easiest event I've ever co-hosted. Thanks to Sharon!

Completed an on site audit of our Title II-D grant last week. Only positive comments shared so far. Mr.Proctor, FL DOE's Title II-D director, is always nice. As a first time project manager I feel like I have had to ask him some pretty dumb questions this year but he is always patient and kind. Our exit interview is on Monday. While driving to a school and discussing rural Florida he mentioned his Mother's family were from the same area as Mom. Turns out they were friends. I bet my sisters went to school with his family in Defuniak Springs.

Katie has been in Tampa this weekend for a girl's weekend. I am so glad they are keeping this tradition. Hope to be able to connect with my Alabama girlfriends this year. Missed em last year. :(

Painting baseboards still. First batch should be dried now. Time to move them and start the next batch. At least I don't have to use a ladder. Floors are down, crown molding done in one of three rooms, walls painted, pavers installed, laundry room rearranged, tile in bathroom complete, fixtures installed, doors installed, and if we can find the right fuses today the jacuzzi will be utilized tonight. sigh. We've still got a mess though. We can't really clean and move in yet since we still have trim work and some patching going on. The landscaping will be last and we are waiting for the gate, fence and balcony to be installed (about two weeks out) but until then we have black dirt everywhere. I feel like we are covered in it.

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