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another culinary experience to blog about

Made pancakes yesterday. Is anyone reconsidering their Thanksgiving plans?

this week in Marsha's world

Carl just sat through a three hour church service while performing a service call on a PA that he sold and installed. He was prepared for the first hour but I am sure the other two came as a surprise. Bless his heart.

Happy anniversary to Jesse and Leaa. And many more....

Enjoyed attending a baby shower for Leaa and baby Dylan at South Beach Grill yesterday. Lovely ocean view, good food, good company and adorable baby gifts to celebrate a much anticipated event. What's not to love. Livi and AA and other little ones made it even better entertainment. Easiest event I've ever co-hosted. Thanks to Sharon!

Completed an on site audit of our Title II-D grant last week. Only positive comments shared so far. Mr.Proctor, FL DOE's Title II-D director, is always nice. As a first time project manager I feel like I have had to ask him some pretty dumb questions this year but he is always patient and kind. Our exit interview is on Monday. While driving to a school and discussing rural Flo…