Wednesday, December 02, 2009

book review - why I am lost so often

I look forward to commuting to work because of audio books. If it's a really good book I forget to pay attention to where I am going and end up...well where ever. I missed a turn and ended up in Ocala instead of Orlando one day. While listening to The Lacuna this week I realized that I had arrived at my old office building instead of my new one. Barbara Kingsolver, the author, is also reading this one. I was annoyed by this initially. Her accent is way southern and I just wasn't sure I could tolerate it for the duration.(This from a woman who says yall several times a day and who refers to herself as being kin to people.) I'm on the 14th CD and I don't even notice it anymore because Kingsolver is such a talented wordsmith. Carl, I think this book will be critically acclaimed. Every time I say critically acclaimed Carl snores loudly.

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