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almost turned the camera on in time

Congratulations Care Bear

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did it and I'm done


Gorgeous Day for a walk


Happy Thanksgiving

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Weekend with fam


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We are running our first report cards in a new student information system tomorrow.  It is proving to be a very interesting process.  I'm wondering how you could be a teacher in our county and not have realized that we have a new student information system which includes a networked gradebook that is mandatory. Whoosh. Whoosh is a G'ma ism.  Interpreting it's meaning from her contextual use we can assume it is a good word for any exclamation, can be used to express disgust, or sometimes just to denote the effort required to sit down: Whoosh. What a day.   What I must keep in mind is that there are many many more success stories in using this gradebook than not. I just get to troubleshoot the "nots" so it distorts my perception if I am not careful.

West Palm Putnam


Cutie Pie

photo by Leaa
Love this picture. It captures Livi's personality perfectly.

three years of punkin picking


AA's birthday party

AA's Birthday2010
And a good time was had by all!

Labor Day weekend pictures


Dylan's newest trick - video by Cara

Katie's zoo pictures

Love Stella's face in the one in the center of this collage. I think she's saying OMG can you believe this Mom? Are you sure he can't eat me?

Our son-in-law, the author, no less

Yea for good news! Barrett's first book will be published soon. We are so proud we could squeal. He's been published on line a lot but this is his first book deal. Congratulations B'dawg!

SchoolTube - Zombie Integration

Top billing on School Tube from Niceville High. I enjoyed teaching at an Institute in Okaloosa County last summer. Such a nice group of teachers! Not a zombie among them.Not that there is anything wrong with being a zombie of course.


August already seems like a long month to me. Yes, I know it's only the 2nd but I am looking forward to September. Sweaters and fall holidays sound so appealing to me right now. I am wondering how I survived as a child? We didn't have AC, only fans, and I played outside all summer long. I don't recall being miserable. Memory loss, already?

Tummy Time with Baby D



Great time off with family.
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iPad apps

Top Ten Educational iPad Apps. I love this helpful site. Did I mention that we have iPads lab ordered for several of our schools. I can't wait to see them in a classroom. If we get the next round of funding there will be even more ordered.

red-tail fox

I held a red-tail fox pup today for about a half hour as we tried to find someone to help him. The poor little thing was weak and dehydrated and who knows what else. Not rabid hopefully. He wasn't aggressive or foaming at the mouth so I wrapped him in a towel and started making phone calls. Evidently some kids found him beside the road on their way to the lake. They left him at the boat ramp I guess because they thought he had a better chance of surviving there than on the road. He would have been a gator morsel by dark. I saw him as we were bringing the boat in. I was so awe struck by the experience that I didn't even think to take a picture. We ended up leaving him at a fire station to wait for his rescuers. I don't think the chief was real happy about his roll in this rescue but at least he didn't say no. I didn't want to bring him home but he was an awesome animal - even sick.

looks like fun doesn't it?

blog woes

I decided to lock down some of our family photos so a lot of my blog links to albums are no longer valid. Sorry family. I watch the traffic on this site and thought we were OK but I had our albums wide open. I'll send you the link and notifications if you want to know when I post new ones. I got a little creeped out by one of my "fans". I did finally find the block option in Picasa but not until I had changed most of the album settings to unpublished. I know the stats that report how many pervs are looking at web pages but preferred to keep my head in the sand I guess. No more. Dang it and yuck.

On to better topics. Cara has shared a really sweet post on her blog. Thanks Care Bear. I feel the same way. Not about the gross and barfy part though.

stray fowl

We may have a new pet. A black chicken has started hanging out in the yard. And she can fly. Not just hop up a few feet while flapping her wings but really fly. Carl and I don't think chickens are suppose to be able to do that. She must be a wild hen. Or an escapee with wanderlust. Initially she stayed near the edge of the woods but today she strutted across the pavers in front of the garage like she owned the joint.


My husband gave me a birthday card that said "Don't worry about your age. Celebrate your birthday like a teenager." inside it said "Get a wrinkle pierced".

Summer time

Livi is old enough this year to really enjoy the boat. She immediately placed herself in the prow, raised her arms in the air and shouted "Faster Pops faster!" She's fearless. And so much fun.
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My daughter Cara, who is attending classes at FSU this summer, tweeted this today: "Pretty sure I'd get a standing ovation if I punched the kid in front of me who asked a question that will keep us here 30 minutes longer."

I can understand her feelings. (Glad you refrained Care Bear.) We IMed today and when I asked her what she was doing she said she was in class multi-tasking - chatting, tweeting, catching up on blogs, working on homework and listening to a lecture. What's wrong with this picture? Or is nothing wrong with this picture? You decide.

Beach babies

May 2010

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River Keepers

We are recovering from a two day cruise with the St. Johns River Keepers. We traveled from Palatka to Sanford, stopping at Silver Glen Springs, Mount Royal, Hontoon Island and Blue Springs. Actually it was a lot of fun and if you get a chance to go by all means do. You will be supporting a good cause and you will be surrounded by beauty that is awe inspiring. Storytellers, historians and biologists narrated the trip.

We spent the night at a fish camp, a first for us. The signage in the unit included "Do not bring live bait in the room" and "Do not clean fish in the sink". The sheets had a thread count of at least 25. The live bait tanks were right beside the breakfast buffet. My daddy would have loved it.

I took a gazillion pictures but not many good ones. Click on the cover to see the album.
River Keeper Trip

in other news

Dylan rolled over yesterday. It won't be long before she is chasing after her older sister. She had another first too. Leaa said she left the room for a minute yesterday and when she returned Dylan was wearing a tiara. Just a prelude of the fun to come, baby Dylan.

I am home doing everything I can think to do to keep from having to sit at my computer and work. This is it though, really, one short entry and then I am really going to work on the grant. It's currently hanging over my head like a big fat dark cloud. Once it is done I will feel so relieved and I can stop whining about it– so good bye blogosphere. Although it sure is a nice day outside.

for Farmer Liv

Your morning glory seeds have sprouted, Liv. Nice job! They look so good because you planted each one so lovingly.
My daughter Cara, who will graduate in Dec. from FSU,(Yea!) shares lots of good ideas on her blog.

Here is one that I like a lot.
A very clever video about the Future of Publishing!


Thinking it is time to take some grandchildren to see the The Squeakquel. OK Dylan might be too young but Liv and Stella could go with me. Please don't make me go by myself. I'll look so foolish.

best text message of the day

Beautiful day save the smell of burning goat

Memphis Feb 2010



Happy Birthday Stella! Can't wait to see you soon.

giant rodent

Breakfast with Chip

A wordle of my delicious

Image allows users to make word clouds from text or you can use your delicious tags. Very cool- a quick view of your online reading material

still holding hands

Katie gave us an anniversary card one year that showed two crusty looking old people on the cover, arm wrestling and hurling insults at each other. Inside the message said - still holding hands after all these years. That pretty much sums it up. It was the perfect card for us. It's amazing we are both still standing after this long but I’d do it all again. Without hesitation. Love you CC. Happy 33rd anniversary to us!

Greetings from Dylan.

Proving you are never too young for Photo Booth

texting and driving

photo by Katie


Jan 2010
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It's Satsuma time

B'dawg you missed the fun but we thought about you as we played catch the satsuma before it hits the ground and explodes. I'm taking a bag of fruit to the nursing home and then off to run some errands. Sure enjoyed our time with family this holiday. (Except for those two days in the hospital with Mom- could have definitely skipped those days-whoosh-as she would say)