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in other news

Dylan rolled over yesterday. It won't be long before she is chasing after her older sister. She had another first too. Leaa said she left the room for a minute yesterday and when she returned Dylan was wearing a tiara. Just a prelude of the fun to come, baby Dylan.

I am home doing everything I can think to do to keep from having to sit at my computer and work. This is it though, really, one short entry and then I am really going to work on the grant. It's currently hanging over my head like a big fat dark cloud. Once it is done I will feel so relieved and I can stop whining about it– so good bye blogosphere. Although it sure is a nice day outside.

for Farmer Liv

Your morning glory seeds have sprouted, Liv. Nice job! They look so good because you planted each one so lovingly.
My daughter Cara, who will graduate in Dec. from FSU,(Yea!) shares lots of good ideas on her blog.

Here is one that I like a lot.
A very clever video about the Future of Publishing!


Thinking it is time to take some grandchildren to see the The Squeakquel. OK Dylan might be too young but Liv and Stella could go with me. Please don't make me go by myself. I'll look so foolish.

best text message of the day

Beautiful day save the smell of burning goat

Memphis Feb 2010